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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Exams and Results!

So my exams are over and after a very stressful time i got my results! I managed to get top marks in all exams and even managed to the best in my class overall! This included Ballet, Character, Russian folk dance, Gymnastics and Russian language.
just an update.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

First year is complete!

So here I am after my first year at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow! The last year has definitely been one of the best experiences in my life and although there has been ups and downs I have enjoyed every minute. When I moved to Moscow I didn't know what to think in the months leading up to the flight the weirdest and smallest things played on my mind like where I would get my hair cut? Also a major concern was of course the different language, as I flew into Moscow with my family beside me on a very early dull morning I was at a very low point not knowing to expect. The thought of knowing I would have to say goodbye to my family and be left alone in a new country in a few days. The moment I walked up the famous steps of the Bolshoi I knew I was entering a new world and after convincing security that I was a new student I was lead to were I would be living for the next year. My family help me settle in and as the day slowly ran away the next thing I knew it was the time for my family to go back to the hotel, as I entered my room I met Alex. Alex and me would become great friends for the next year. I also met Natalie from England who was on my flight. Later on that night John joined our room bringing my total roommates to me, John and Alex. We all helped each other and became close. The first night was the weirdest of my life and you could feel the anticipation in the air, in the end none of us slept. The next day came the opening ceremony and just the grandness of this told me what I was in for. After finally figuring out the Russian sequel me and Alex reported to class and met our teacher. From that day i have never looked back. Yes, it was sad saying bye but I wouldn't ever take any of it back. I now have a new body and feel I have improved more than ever before. I quickly picked up Russian and the Russian technique of ballet. To sum up my last year I would say it was better than any dream I could have ever imagined.

Daniel Dolan


Hello and welcome to my blog!

From now on I will be giving regular updates on everything I am doing. Also on here you will find out about up and coming events. I hope you enjoy everything I share and will pass the message along my blog is here.

Daniel Dolan